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    History talk 

    Real history like the colonization of Africa and the mental prisons that we live in today


    Men,women, and children wear from independent sources 

    Bring liberty back to the people 

    Let's start by becoming more cultural, politically, and mentally aware as a people

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    Here we bring you top notch shows. Affordable for those just starting out and BIG show opportunity, more costly, opening for your favorite artist or event.
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    Lastly we have some of the finest in promoting and distribution systems cost effective hassle free. Actual busines plans for artist.
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    Zoe(Zion over everything) is a short film. where (Tommy) a former felon and now a college graduate starts his day just like everyone else. A day that is his grad party but problems arise for him and his little brother.

    I created this for our culture to be proud of something. Hopefully to inspire the next great minds of our time. It's a timeless flim with gems for every generation . It's purpose is to bring change in the way we see and treat each other. So much can happen in the day, also that, your decision making and where you place your self is crucial.

    Podcast & interviews

    Now is a time where some find themselves wanting to know more or connect those points and just maybe talk about just REALstuff and insight. 

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    @lionpack_traeSimply a musician ....& ACSM CERT.Fitness Assassinlionpackfit@.gmail.com fitness modz #hiphop #r&b #poet #oakland #ca #Exquisite #Worldwide #

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    Men, women, and children wear 


    Our Benefits are here bring awareness to community support, raising money for community support and assistance programs.

    Raise consciousness among ourselves bring an organization and structure to the people 

    Lastly our benefits are a wonderful to connect ourselves to one another in a REAL way lasting us generations 

    Come out and support a cause greater then us.  
    For ARTWORK.  maininoble@yahoo.com

    BBQ's, lunchens, workshops, open discussion meeting and involve opportunities.....

    BBQ's /lunchens

    A way for us a people to find each other and bring the best energy out of us such as ideas and methods to produce great creativity. there will be food, drinks , great people, vibes , music/Media parties,  network and involvement opportunities. Our celebrations are for everyone and all proceeds go to the betterment and sustaining community support and more

    Workshops and Open discussion meetings 

    Both, are meant are for everyone but the topics and new found knowledge can be different for most use to traditional beliefs. 

    For all ages. Class lessons are choosen by us for us. 
    Purpose is to bring us together by building a connection or  bridge with one another 
    Kids get to enjoy being a kid how it is suppose to be going OUTSIDE, doing activities and more
    These meetings are another outlet for us to express ourselves what needs to be changed in everyway and come together and make our way over the gap that's between us all.